About Us

A brief history of how we started

Commco Holdings was created in 2012 when Waterfall Estate was being developed into the largest property development in South African history.

Commco is responsible to manage and deploy telecommunication infrastructure on the Estate to ensure aesthetically pleasing structures are built and the infrastructure supports an open access model.

Commco has successfully constructed over 95 free standing towers throughout South Africa. They are occupied by ECNS licencees such as Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom.


Commco and it's subsidiary companies also manage Lease Agreements of around 400 towers throughout South Africa.

Commco has a close working relationship with Waterfall Access Networks (WAN), which company currently manages the entire Waterfall City from a fibre optic perspective.

Commco is a company with expertise in the deployment and management of telecommunication facilities.

Tower Lease Management


Towers Built & owned


Long Term Communication Rights

PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa), which rights allow us to manage existing telecommunications infrastructure, build new towers exclusively, as well as rollout Wi-Fi at the Top 40 Train Stations throughout SA, since 2012.

JPC – (JOBURG PROPERTY COMPANY) -  a subsidiary of Commco, Altivex 705 (PTY) Ltd was awarded a public tender in 2013 to manage existing cell masts and related infrastructure on City of Joburg owned property, as well as to build new infrastructure and allow ECNSL’s (Electronic Communications Network Service Licensees) to deploy cell mast and related infrastructure on their property.


Altivex was also awarded rights in COT in November 2015 to manage their telecommunication portfolio, which runs off the back of the JPC Tender.


RBN (ROYAL BAFOKENG NATION) – Commco was awarded the rights in 2015 to manage existing telecommunications infrastructure on RBN owned property, as well as rolling out of new towers and allowing other ECNSL’s to deploy towers for the benefit of RBN.

  • Tower Rollout, Asset management, Database management, Wi-Fi and FTTX – core functions of CommCo.

  • Administer, manage and co-ordinate rollout of new infrastructure.

  • Identify, permit and construct new telecommunication infrastructure located on selected property and market to ECNS licensees.

  • Manage all existing leases associated with telecommunication operators, ensuring rental is being received for use of the premises, as well as other utility billing.

Core functions

  • Provide sound advice in relation to site acquisition and contract negotiations from a telecommunication perspective.

  • Alleviate pressure off owners and their employees, in dealing with telecommunication queries and deployment of infrastructure, so they can focus on their core functions.

  • Do auditing functions to ensure no unauthorised installations on selected premises.